Ofir barak was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1982. In 2011, he completed his B.A. in humanities ­(Major in arts, and history) and In 2014, After living in the USA and abroad he returned to his hometown - Jerusalem, in order to photograph a multi layered project that would display the city and its people through his eyes. 

awards & Mentions



Group exhibition | La culture #16 | mazza 9 gallery | Tel aviv, Israel.

Group exhibition | Line hayotzer #2 | old train station compound | Jerusalem, Israel.

Group exhibition | Art festival - days of jerusalem | Plzeň, Czech Republic.

Permanent display | Great Synagogue | Plzeň, Czech Republic.

Group exhibition | La culture #17| “kuli alma” gallery | Tel aviv, Israel.

Group exhibition | art sale event | Ada project space gallery | Jerusalem, Israel.

Group exhibition | Blackbox | Jerusalem, Israel.

Feature | Issue #74 F-stop magazine | online publication.


Group exhibition | La culture #15 | Mazza 9 gallery | Tel aviv, Israel.


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