Ofir Barak was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1982. In 2011, he completed his B.A. in humanities. In 2014, he began working in his multi layered project regarding religion. His work largely concentrates on the three major religions in the city - Judaism, Christianity and Islam and the people behind them.His work has won numerous awards and mentions and is exhibited in both personal collections and galleries across the world.

awards & Mentions



Group exhibition | Magnum photos Swap Shop winners | theprintspace | London, Uk.


Group exhibition | La culture #16 | Mazza 9 gallery | Tel aviv, Israel.

Group exhibition | Line hayotzer #2 | Old train station compound | Jerusalem, Israel.

Group exhibition | Art festival - days of jerusalem | Plzeň, Czech Republic.

Group exhibition | La culture #17| “Kuli alma” gallery | Tel aviv, Israel.

Group exhibition | art sale event | Ada project space gallery | Jerusalem, Israel.

Group exhibition | Blackbox | Jerusalem, Israel.

Permanent display | Great Synagogue | Plzeň, Czech Republic.


Group exhibition | La culture #15 | Mazza 9 gallery | Tel aviv, Israel.


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