|| "MEA SHEARIM - THE STREETS" ||  FIRST EDITION  || Hardcover | 77 Black and white images |

| 164 pages | Text - English | Size - 30 X 21 cm | 10$ flat rate shipping worldwide |

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“.. Mea Shearim is a very unique neighborhood in jerusalem and probably in the whole world, your beautiful photos do justice in its honest representation of the neighborhood... Thank you for a marvelous book.”
— Mr. Reuven Rivlin - The 10th and current President of israel
Thank you. Mea shearim the streets is a very powerful work. Great book that has good energy. I look forward seeing more work. God bless you in your path regarding religions.
— Ragu Rai (Magnum photographer)
You did an outstanding job. You took a theme that was approached many times and you still managed to produce a body of work that no one has done before. The book itself feels very complete and I enjoyed it very much. I’m sure i’ll view it again since there is so much to capture. Great work.
— Micha bar-am (Magnum photographer) with his wife Orna
Thank you, thank you soooo much. The book looks fantastic... I bet you are so proud of yourself seeing the final product. The quality of the printing is real nice and I love the feel of the paper..truly great work.
— Jessie Dinan
I received your book today. Thank you very much for it it look great. You can definitely notice the high quality of the print and I saw that you haven’t compromise about it. I’m very happy I bought it!
— Ilan Goren
Congratulation on a job well done. Beautiful print and bounding. The pictuers are astonishing and I wish you all the best and for the book to recive the honor it truly deserve.
— Oded Fluss
We got the book and prints today, they are amazing. Thank you for all the amazing pictuers and information about mea shearim. I want to congratulate you one more time for your book. You did such an amazing job. Your love for photography inspires us so much.
— Zühal Erdem & Jeffrey Ashbrook
A cool project!... can’t wait to dig in.
— Jason Eskenazi
Just finished first browsing and I just had to write you and tell you how much I loved the book. It really made me feel I was out there on the streets with you. I was really moved also by the text you wrote for the ending. Powerful stuff!
— Ori Levi
Very powerful work, some really interesting storytelling playing out over the pages. Looking forward seeing to the next chapter.
— Jacob Murphy
I received your book today and I must say that the quality of the print is amazing. I look forward reading it comfortably in the next few days.
— Michael St- Yves
The book is beautiful. The photographs are really good, capturing the mood of places, people, ceremonies, as everyday life on the streets. Great work.
— Finn Calander
I received this morning the book and postcards. You already know my positive opinions about the photographs and It was great seeing them together in such a quantity. The comprehensive shape you documented the neighborhood: from the refrigerators, street signs to shop windows (the part that most caught my eye in the book) is really impressive. The book itself is wonderful and impressive. It’s hard to believe you did it all by yourself. Well done!
— Oded Wagenstein
I just received your Mea Shearim book. That is almost unbelievably rapid delivery—I can barely get a normal letter across Canada in that amount of time. Thank you so very much. Congratulations on the Magnum Award. As I look through the book, I am impressed that the jury could select just one image...your body of work is all together wonderful.
— Paul Kay
Your wonderful book arrived today and all I need to say is wow! it is highly inspiring and I couldn’t have be more thrilled!, the photos are just stunning and I promise I’ll treasure it and will frequent look at it. Keep up the good work!
— Eva Depoorter
I’m looking at the book right now and decided to write you. I’m only at 12th page and its already so good. You have real talent. Thank you.
— Alexandr Nacache
Hi, received the books today - page 2 is pure vishniac; page 23 - spooky; page 6 - wonderfully capture; page 46 - my favourite! RESPECT!
— Graham Warrener
I received the book and wanted to just say thank you so much, it looks really good. Good luck!
— Carlies Mol
A lovely book capturing the old in the new world, the preservation of customs & practices to be brief. A project like this takes considerable patience to assimilate to the surroundings so as not to harm the scene in photographic terms, which is also evident as it took him nearly 3 yrs to finish the project. So if you are a photographer, art lover or simply a person who loves seeing beautiful street-photography pictures this book is for you.
Highly recommended.
Dear, Ofir.
The book arrived today and it was absolutely lovely. Thank you so much! I have followed your work on instagram after I was fortunate to visit both Jerusalem and Mea Shearim back in late 2015, and I was quickly mesmerised by your photographs. I am so delighted to now own a copy of the book that I have been looking forward to own for some time.
I look forward to follow your work in the future as well. Best Wishes.
— Irene K
A few weeks ago I stumbled on this book of a photographer from Jerusalem, Ofir Barak, which I did not know before - but his photos to “mea shearim” are great! He is Fine guy and that is a fine book! If you recive an envelope tomorrow for christmas, this is my definitive recommend! Buy this thing!! My favorite book 2017
— Tobias Schult
I have been following you for a while on social media and all I wanted to say is that the book was worth the wait. It looks and feel great, and pictuers are wisely chosen. I’m very happy with me purchase. Keep up the good work!
— Tomer Bonjack
“Mea shearim” is very strong work, made for eternity. Already looking forward to the other two upcoming books!
— Urs Fruehauf
I received it (the book)..I love it…
— Peter Cooper
After weeks of sitting at customs, this gorgeous book finally made it to me. It’s been a real pleasure getting this unique insight into the Mea Shearim neighbourhood. I highly recommend you grab a copy as long as there still are some left. I’m very keen to see how the future projects of yours will pan out!
— Jahan Saber