Visual storytelling workshop

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This 2 day workshop in Jerusalem will help you improve your personal work and skills.  This theory and practice course is designed to lead you in a condensed and well structured way through the photographic storytelling process. With the direct guidance and additional assistance, you will learn what makes a photograph well seen and what makes a visual story successful - from finding and defining your subject through shooting, editing and publishing your work. During the workshop you will shoot your assigned subject, discuss and most important spend time on editing and sequencing your photographs during individual and group sessions in order to produce a final story. The workshop will guide you through the essentials of street photography alongside its basics.

  • The workshop includes a professional portfolio review (critique, analysis and discussion) and will include an ongoing review sessions (3-4) throughout the workshop.

  • Editing and processing will be a large part of the workshop as well and You will be given feedback about your improvements alongside your weak points.

  • Photo session will have the large part of the workshop, we will visit together locations in Jerusalem and we be shooting together.

  • Users from all levels are welcomed.

- Essentials - 

Only two things are essential for my workshop -

  1. A laptop - crucial for the editing and review process during the workshop (4 sessions of editing will be held).

  2. A camera - all participants must bring their own gear (cameras & lenses).

- price - 

500$ (usd).*

Dates *
Requested date for workshop

*Food, transportation, and accommodations are not included in the workshop. * 3 Days workshop is also optional for a total of 750$ (Usd and including a gift print size 8x10).